Why you should remove your mobile number from Facebook2 min read

In my experience, I believe it is a wise move to remove your mobile number from your Facebook Account. Recently it was revealed that in some cases Facebook was tracking calls and text messages from mobiles.

You will also reduce the risk that someone pretending to be Facebook will trick you into giving them your private details—including your password. Also if your account gets hacked the hackers won’t be able to see your mobile number if it’s removed from your account.


This guide will show you how to do it


Before you remove your mobile number make sure you have setup your email as your primary contact in your Facebook Settings. Don’t worry, this is covered by this guide if you follow the instructions from step one through to the end.

Welcome to the www.techconfidence.com.au guide to removing your mobile number from Facebook

1. Tap the menu. Look for 3 lines underneath each other or 9 small dots, top or bottom right, depending on the size of your device.

2. On a computer, click the down-pointing arrow and choose settings.

3. Tap Account Settings for Non-Apple Devices and Settings then Account Settings for Apple Devices.

4. For a computer, click general and make sure you have an email as your primary contact

5. Tap General

6. Make sure your email appears here. If it doesn’t you will need to add it.

7. On a computer, once you have checked in the previous steps that you have an email address for your account you can remove your phone from here.

8. Tap here to remove your phone.

I highly recommend adjusting your phone setting or removing it completely. To do that you will need your Facebook account password handy and select Phone as shown below:

9. Look for Remove from your account

Once again, if your mobile number is showing up here I highly recommend you remove it from your account. If you don’t you may receive text messages from someone pretending to be Facebook and it can be difficult to identify the fake Facebook text messages from the real ones.

10. Enter your password and tap the remove the phone button.

11. Once your phone is removed you will see this screen

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