Adjusting your email notifications in Facebook1 min read

Reducing the number of notifications that are external to your Facebook App will reduce you exposure to Spam and Phishing attempts.

Reduce the number of external notifications from Facebook

It can be easy to confuse a real message with a fake message.

Phishing is an attempt by someone to steal your information by tricking you into given them your personal info such as your phone and password details. They do this by pretending to be Facebook and asking you to update your account info etc.

There are two ways Facebook can contact you outside of their app. Text messaging or emailing you. You really don’t want Facebook to contact you by text message or email as you leave yourself open to Phishing attempts.

The guide below will explain how to turn off your email notifications for non-important things but leave on email notifications for important things like changing your password etc.

Welcome to the guide to adjusting your email notifications.

1. Tap the menu. Look for 3 lines underneath each other or 9 small dots, top or bottom right, depending on the size of your device.

2. On a computer, click the down arrow and choose settings.

3. Tap Account Settings for Non Apple Devices and Settings then Account Settings for Apple Devices.

4. Click notifications and then click edit for the email option.

5. Scroll or swipe down until you see notifications.

6. On computer, this is the only setting I have turned on.

7. Tap Notifications

8. Tap Email

9. For non apple devices make sure all settings are to the left. For Apple devices see next page.

10. For Apple Devices tap email address

11. For Apple Devices, make sure the only tick appears next to the option shown. If you have more ticks here, untick them.

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