Are you getting the speeds you’re paying for on your NBN connection?2 min read

This post will show you how to test your NBN Internet speeds and how to go about resolving any speed issues.

When the NBN (National Broadband Network) came to our area I jumped in and transferred our old Telstra Broadband to the new NBN. Our experience with the NBN after sorting out our speed issues is great; but, in the beginning it wasn’t so good. We experienced very slow speeds, definitely not the speeds we were paying for on the Telstra NBN 50 Plan.

Telstra’s own documentation for the NBN 50 plan stated it was good for a family with heavy Internet usage: games, videos, streaming Netflix and YouTube, used by the family, all at the same time, with speeds of 50 megabits per second. Their terms do not guarantee this, but they state you should get at least 30-40 mbps on this plan; we were getting 3 to 5 mbps.

How did I know what speed we were getting? I did a speed test using Telstra’s speed test tool, and you can too by clicking this link, but before you do, read on.

The video below shows you how the speed tool works.

Write down the result, which is measured in mbps (Mega Bits Per Second). If the speed is not as quick as your plan states it should be; you need to contact Telstra or your NBN provider and tell them.

This is the painful part. It took me 3 or 4 phone calls before they put me onto what they called, their falls team. Why that name? I guess it represents what your Internet speed is doing. I’m not sure if they still call this trouble shooting team the same thing, but in any case you need to contact them and tell them your speeds are not being achieved.

After testing our connection over a 48 hour period, and the NBN guy coming out to our home, and then some other guy doing work on the node at the end of our street, all of which took about 2 weeks, we finally started getting the speeds we were expecting, and we have been happy ever since.

Keep persisting until you get the speeds you are paying for and let me know what your experience has been in the comments box below.

Ian Mackenzie

About the Author

Using technology has enabled Ian to work from home since 2001 as a web designer and e-commerce owner. It even helped him make the great escape from Sydney to Nambucca Heads in 2005.

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  1. Thank you, very much appreciated! The information & instruction was presented in a clear, ordered & concise format. I would describe myself as a technological challenged individual. This presentation was easy to understand & I was enabled to successfully follow through & complete the task.


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