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Raindrop.io is a cross platform bookmarking app. In this video I discuss the benefits of using Raindrop.io as a bookmarking app, especially for those who use browsers on different platforms, such as Chrome, Safari, or on a Windows machine in your day job and then working on a Mac when you get home.

Here’s a summary of the key points along with specific instructions in the video:

1. Introduction to Raindrop.io

  • Raindrop.io is a cross-platform bookmarking app that works on all browsers and devices. It offers an extension for browsers like Chrome and Safari.

2. Why Use Raindrop.io?

  • It allows you to access bookmarks across different browsers and devices. It also offers tagging, which is not typically available in standard browsers.

3. Search Feature

  • The search feature is particularly useful for finding bookmarks quickly. You can also use tags for more refined searches.

Instructions for Searching:

  • Use the Raindrop.io extension to search for bookmarks. Type in the search term and it will display relevant bookmarks.

4. Editing Bookmarks

  • You can edit the title, description, and add tags to your bookmarks.

Instructions for Editing:

  • Click on the bookmark you want to edit. You can change the title, description, and add it to a collection (folder).

5. Saving Bookmarks

  • You can save bookmarks directly from your browser using the Raindrop.io extension.

Instructions for Saving:

  • Click on the Raindrop.io extension icon in your browser and click “Save.” You can also save all tabs at once if needed.

6. Highlighting Text

  • Raindrop.io allows you to highlight text on a webpage and save it.

Instructions for Highlighting:

  • Right-click on the text you want to highlight and choose “Save to Highlights.”

7. Pricing

  • The free version offers most of the features you’d need. The paid version offers nested collections, full-text search, automatic backups, and the ability to upload files like PDFs and images.

You can watch the full video on YouTube here.

Ian Mackenzie

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Using technology has enabled Ian to work from home since 2001 as a web designer and e-commerce owner. It even helped him make the great escape from Sydney to Nambucca Heads in 2005.

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