Why you should remove your mobile number from Facebook

In my experience, I believe it is a wise move to remove your mobile number from your Facebook Account. Recently it was revealed that in some cases Facebook was tracking calls and text messages from mobiles. You will also reduce the risk that someone pretending to be Facebook will trick you into giving them your

U3A Facebook Course Venue Change for Next Tuesday

You will all be pleased to know there is a change of venue for the final lesson in the U3A Facebook Course. It will now be held in the Down Under Bar at the Nambucca RSL from 10 AM to 12 noon on Tuesday, 20th of February. Staff at the front desk will be able

Couple of quick questions for you

I’m keen to find out what people in the senior’s community would really like to learn when it comes to Technology? These answers will help us to formulate the content and training you want and need in the coming weeks and months. Loading…