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Widgets Come to the iPhone in iOS 14

Widgets are containers for Apps. You may ask, that makes this different to just a normal app? Read more to find out.
Big Sur Update for Mac

Updating your Mac to Big Sur

Big Sur is a Major update for your Mac. This article outlines what to consider before updating.

Updating your iPhone or iPad to the latest software from Apple

In this post, I have three videos for you to look at before you update your device.
Big Bite of Apple

Big Bite of Apple, Lesson 4, Part 1, Accessibility and text messaging options

Accessing accessibility and text messaging options.
Big Bite of Apple

Recommended Apps and How to Pick The Good Apps From The Bad Ones

This post discusses some good apps I've come across and shows you how to pick the good ones from the bad.
Big Bite of Apple

Big Bite of Apple, Lesson 4, Part 3, Streaming Services and Devices

Apple TV + Netflix Prime Video Stan Disney Apple TV + You have been able to buy or rent movies from Apple for a few years now, if you have an iPad, iPhone, Mac or Apple TV. What’s new with Apple TV + is running shows , or a running series. It still does not