Widgets Now Operate the Same on The iPhone and iPad with iOS 152 min read

Widgets are containers for Apps. You may ask, what makes this different to just a normal app then?

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What is a widget?

I’ve updated this post so that it is compatible with the new Apple operating system that was launched in September 2021. Although the videos mention iOS 14 and that widgets work differently between the iPad and iPhone, that is no longer the case with iOS 15. Now the iPad and the iPhone work exactly the same when adding and using widgets.

Widgets display specific information from the app on the screen of your iPhone/iPad without having to open the app. Your weather app is a good example; a weather widget allows you to see today’s forecast without opening the app.

This calendar app inside a widget at the top of my screen is another good example.

My calendar widget shows 3 events.

Widgets operate the same on the iPhone and the iPad as on iOS 15. You can add a widget to any screen. Tap and hold on any part of the screen until your apps start jiggling and then press the plus button at the top left of the screen.

The video below gives you an overview of widgets on the iPhone. Please note the video below was recorded when you couldn’t add widgets anywhere on your home screens on your iPad.

Widget Overview

Note: The videos in this post mention iOS 14

iOS 14 is an older operating system. As of the 25-9-21, the new operating system is iOS 15 and iPad OS 15. Both the iPad and the iPhone now operate exactly the same when using widgets.

Adding a widget

This video will show you how I add a calendar widget to my iPhone. The same process works for every type of widget.

Smart Stack Widget

The Smart Stack Widget is a special widget which enables you to stack multiple apps inside it, but it’s a three-step process to add your apps.

  1. Add the smart stack widget to one of your iPhone screens.
  2. Add another widget just below or above the stacked widget.
  3. Drag the widget you want inside the stacked widget over the top of the stacked widget and let go.

Watch this video on the Stacked Widget below:

Adding two widgets side by side

Widgets come in 3 different sizes. The video below will show how to add two widgets, side by side, on one of your iPhone screens.

That’s it for Widgets on IOS 14/15 on your iPhone and iPad.

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