Big Bite of Apple, Lesson 3, Part 2, Upgrade Your iCloud Storage

Sooner or later you will come up with the notification below when you open up your settings app, if you are on the free 5GB iCloud Storage Plan.

It’s pretty easy to upgrade your storage, but first, why would you want to upgrade your iCloud Storage?

Here are all the things iCloud will back up and synchronise to all devices to make sure they all have the same information.

Here are some of the things that iCloud will do for you automatically

  • If you add a contact on your iPhone, it will appear on your iPad or Mac.
  • If you add an appointment to your calendar on your iPhone it will also appear on your other Apple devices.
  • If you set a reminder on your iPad it will also bet set on your iPhone and any other Apple devices you may have.
  • Images you take on one device show up on all the other Apple Devices.

You get the picture. This is automatic and happens in the background without you even knowing it. But to be able back up and synchronise all this, you will eventually need a bigger storage plan—sooner—rather than later.

To upgrade your storage, you will need to pay by credit card, or you can buy an iTunes Store card from Woolworths or another retailer and use that. You will need to redeem the credit on the card using your iTunes store app, as shown below:

Redeem your iTunes Store Card

When you are ready to upgrade, just follow the procedures below:

Tap settings

At the top of settings you will see your name and it may say “iCloud Storage is Full”. If it does, tap it.

This may be the very next screen you see. If so, tap the big blue button and follow the instructions. If you see a different screen, please read on.

You many see this screen? If you do, just tap the word upgrade and follow the instructions.

Notice, if you are using iTunes credit you may still be expected to enter your credit card details, but it won’t charge your card.

And that’s it. You should now be enjoying your new iCloud Storage plan.

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