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Whilst it’s easy to save a video using the YouTube app, it’s difficult to find videos you’ve saved. The Play App solves this problem and makes it super easy for you to save YouTube videos into the Play app library and find them again.

This app makes managing your YouTube Library a Breeze

What it does

  • Saves YouTube videos to the Play App Library to watch later.
  • Only saves the link to the YouTube video and all of the meta data, so it does effect the storage of your device.
  • Enables you to search your library. This is something the YouTube app can’t do. The YouTube app allows you to search, but not your own library. The Play App solves that problem.
  • Add notes to any video you save.
  • Tag to categorise your videos.
  • Auto-tag videos, based on conditions you set.
  • Start a video at a certain time on the video timeline.
  • Nice clean interface. No spammy adverts.

It’s not free. The last time I looked, it was $4.99.

If you like it, you can download it here.

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