Taking Photos, Viewing, sorting images, creating and managing albums4 min read

  • Taking Photos
  • Viewing and Sorting Images
  • Managing Albums
  • Managing Your Images

This shot was taken with an iPhone 5s, which I’ve had for 5 years before I upgraded to the iPhone 8. Cameras just keep getting better and better on these things. All camera from 6s and later have a 12 megapixel camera.


  • Tap the Power Button (top, right).
  • Swipe left on the screen to start your camera.
  • Turn sideways to shoot landscape.
  • Hold vertical to shoot portrait.


Across the top

  • Flash, HDR, Live Photos, Timer, Filters.

Across the bottom

Across the bottom from left to right

  • Time Lapse, Slo-Mo, Video, Photo, Square, Pano, Switch Cameras


Photos Menu
(Left, Bottom)

  • All your images and sorted by years, months, location etc.

For you

  • Collated for you by Apple (AI)


  • Group images in one container (Album)
  • Search through your images.

PHOTOS (bottom left)

  • Sorted by Years, Months, Days, All Photos
  • Use Select (Top right) to select images to delete or share
  • Tap to cancel (top right)

Please note

When you confirm your device is on one of the lists above, please proceed to step 2 below.


  • Automatically curated list from Apple AI
  • Featured Photos
  • Shared Albums
  • Places
  • Years


  • Just like the old style albums they keep all the images you want in one album.
  • You scroll left to view more.
  • Hit the plus sign, top right to create a new one.
  • Tap See all the edit, rename, delete and move.

Just click or tap anywhere in the video below to watch. Tap again to stop.

You scroll left to view more, or tap all albums to go up and down instead. Some albums are created for you like recent and favourites. To delete, tap see all, then edit. To reorder, Tap See all, Tap Edit, Hold down and move to a new location. Notice the file path.


  • To to Settings, tap your name at the top, tap iCloud.
  • 5 GB: Free
  • 50GB: $1.49 (per month)
  • 200GB: $4.49
  • 2TB: $14.99

Just click or tap anywhere in the video below to watch. Tap again to stop.

Please note: The Advantages

All your image and videos are backed up. It’s automatic, once you set it up that way and images are stored at the highest resolution. It’s easy to use.

Please note: The disadvantage

It’s not free once you get over 5 GB.

Google Photos for managing your images

  • It’s Free
  • You need a Google Account to set it up
  • We will do this next week when we discuss file and app management

Just click or tap anywhere in the video below to watch. Tap again to stop.

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