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Display Settings

Just click or tap anywhere in the video below to watch. Tap again to stop.


Switch to another App, or quit the App

  • Double Tap the Home Button.
  • Tap the other app to use it.
  • Flick each app up to quit each app.
  • You can also quit two at a time.

Just click or tap anywhere in the video below to watch. Tap again to stop.

Use Safari to Visit Websites

Tap Safari

The Address Bar

You can do a lot from the address bar. First, it tells you this website is or web page is secure. Why does this matter? Before I answer that, let’s look at one that is not secure.

Type in, willyweather.com.au

Please note

When you confirm your device is on one of the lists above, please proceed to step 2 below.

Not secure warning in the address bar

This matters to you if you are going to buy something from this website, or you are going to contact them via their website. If the site is not sure your information can be seen by others.

Use the address bar to search for something on a search engine, like Google

Change the font size

Tap the AA you see in the address bar and the smaller a makes the font or type smaller and the larger one makes it later. Note, it also tells you how much larger or smaller the text is in percentages.

Safari, Reader

You may ask, what does this do. Well, it’s more evident if you go to a web page that has lots of text adverts on it.

Please note:

It only works on web pages with a single article and a fair amount of text.

To see this in action

  • Go to: seniorsnews.com.au
  • Tap any article
  • Tap the AA in the address bar
  • Tap show reader view

Your AA in the address bar is black now. This shows it’s on. To turn if off, tap hide in reader view.

You can also change the font and back ground colour of the article.

Notice you can change the font and you can change the colour of the background of the page to make it easier to read in low light, or at night.

Add an article to your reading list

Save to your reading list to read it later.

  • Tap the stare button (bottom or top of Safari) Looks like a square with an arrow pointing up. You can see it top right of the image.
  • Tap add to reading list

Access your reading list

You need to tap your bookmarks icon, which looks like an open book and is found on the bottom or top of Safari depending on your device.

Browsing History

  • View web pages you have visited
  • Tap the clock to view your browsing history

Opening webpages in a new tab

  • You can tap and hold on mostly anything on the net and open it in a new tab.
  • Tap and hold on any headline
  • Tap open in new tab

Access Tabs on iPhone

  • iPhone, Tap, bottom right or top right depending on your device. Look for two squares overlapping

You can then see all your open tabs

  • Tap to switch to one
  • Swipe left to remove a tab


  • Tap this to make sure you have the latest updates
  • Use this on websites you visit often
  • Or if the page does not load properly

Safari Settings

  • Find your settings app, tap it

Now let’s look at the settings you can change for Safari. Most apps have their own settings. Apples’ settings for their own apps are further towards the top of all settings.

Just click or tap anywhere in the video below to watch. Tap again to stop.

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