Recommended Apps and How to Pick The Good Ones From The Bad5 min read

In this lesson, I also show you how to check the reviews on an app so you sort the good ones from the not so good.

You find apps in the App Store App

Yes, there is an app to install apps.

Once you have opened your app store app, you can access your account, located top right.

Within your account you can:

  • Redeem a gift card or code
  • Add funds to Apple ID
  • Check your subscriptions

Things to be aware of when adding an app to your device

Just click or tap anywhere in the video below to watch. Tap again to stop.

  • Most apps allow you to download them for free, however they may include in-app purchases to access all the features.
  • Check the ratings of an app before you add it to your device.
  • I would not add any app with a review of under 4.

Scroll down to view version history and any other info

  • Note version history, if it’s been years since the last update, don’t buy it.
  • Check that it’s compatible with your device?
  • Tap the little arrow next to in-app purchases to see in-app prices.

Search using the search function, bottom right

Search for Drafts as we will use this as an example of a good app

One app I like is Drafts. You can search for Drafts in the app store. This app allows you to start your text and send it to other applications such as a text message, email, add text to a running list (good for shopping or todo lists). You can add text and links from web pages, etc.

Drafts: is an app to store ideas or text for anything

Always check the version history of an app. If it has not been updated for months or even years, it is not being maintained very well.

Apple software changes are common, and if the app is not keeping up with these changes, it will most likely not work.

  • Scroll down once you are looking at a specific app and view the version history

Drafts is good for:

  • Capturing ideas
  • Sending text somewhere else
  • Collating information
  • Dictation
  • Does not save images

With Apple Notes you can

  • Create Folders to organise your notes.
  • Create ordered and unordered Lists
  • Tables of information
  • Photos and images
  • Comes with every device

Camera+ 2 is Good For editing your photos

LastPass Password Manager

  • You Remember One Master Password.
  • LastPass remembers everything else.
  • LastPass will create great passwords for you.

Here is the LastPass written manual to help you set it up, if you prefer the written word. If you prefer to watch a video, I’ve added one below.

Tap this link on your device to install LastPass app from the App Store

Video for setting up LastPass

The video goes for 20 mins. It’s not one of my videos but I trust the instructor as have watched a few videos from him and he does a good job of explaining how to set it up and use LastPass.

YouTube App

  • Use it to learn.
  • Use for entertainment. You can now watch the latest movies and listen to music, but in some cases you will need to pay for that.

IMDB, Internet Movie Database

  • Search movies and actors and the backstories to both.

Over time, I’ll mention other apps and do videos on how to use them.

That’s it for this post.

Ian Mackenzie

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Using technology has enabled Ian to work from home since 2001 as a web designer and e-commerce owner. It even helped him make the great escape from Sydney to Nambucca Heads in 2005.

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