Accessibility options for iPhone and iPad4 min read

Accessing accessibility and text messaging options.


  • Gives you quick access to many controls on your device in one place.
  • If you have lost some movement in your hands you may not be able to double tap and tap and hold for some functions. This feature will enable these functions to operate with one single tap.
  • If you find it difficult to remember what gesture or function does what, you can use this feature as it puts many functions in one place, which also makes it good for learning your device.

Go to settings, then:

  • Tap Accessibility

Go to touch

Turn on assistive touch

  • Turn on assistive touch
  • Tap Touch (top left) to go back to the previous menu by tapping touch, (top left)

Tap Accessibility to go back to the main menu

Now we’ll setup a quick way to turn this feature on and off using a triple tap of your home button.

  • Tap Accessibility Shortcut down the bottom

Tap Assistive Touch

  • Make sure there is a tick next to AssistiveTouch by tapping it

Text Messaging and looking at the controls below

  • Attach something to your message.
  • You can slide the icons left to reveal more.
  • Camera icon is to take an image and attach to the message.
  • Some of you will have to tap the blue app next to the camera icon to view all the apps you can use with text messaging.

Sliding a speech bubble to the left will reveal when it was sent or received

Forward a message

  • Long press on an image or speech bubble and tap more.
  • If you long pressing on a web link you will see a quick look of the website.

Tap the arrow, bottom right

On the next screen you see, add the person you want to forward this message to

Text Message Settings

Go to settings

  • Scroll down until you see messages

End of Big Bite of Apple, Lesson 4, Part One.

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