Adding Captions to Your Images on Your iPhone and iPad Using iOS 14

You will need to update your device to iOS 14 before you can add captions to your photos on your iPad or iPhone. If you need help with updating your device, read this post. Once you have iOS 14, it is easy to add captions to your photos. Captioned photos are also searchable by the caption, which makes this feature a handy one.

Video Transcription

[00:00:00] Hi, this is Ian Mackenzie from Tech Confidence. In this video, I’m going to show you how you can add captions to your photos. So I’ve got a photo here I’ve taken of the Nambucca river sometime ago, and all I have to do a swipe up and you’ll notice at shows where the picture was taken. And it also gives us the option to add a caption. So right here I could put, River.

And when I’m done, just get rid of that extra space. You come up to the top right-hand side here and just click done. Now my picture is captioned. And the good thing about that is when you search for images, you’ll actually be able to [00:01:00] search for Nambucca river and that will be pulled up in the search.

And of course, when you’re finished, just pull it back down and it’s done. To reveal it again, just pull back up and if you want to change it, just tap on it and change it. That’s all there is to it. Okay, and this is only available on iOS 14 , so you need to update your phones to the latest Apple software, which is now iOS 14.

There’s some other videos, you can see on my website or my YouTube channel, that go into how to do that. So, just going to do that and enjoy captioning your photos. Thanks for watching.

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