U3A Android Fundamentals Course, Lesson One Resources

The Official Android Help Website Includes The Following Help Topics

  • Manufacturer help websites for: Samsung, LG, Motorola, Nexus and Pixel.
  • Get to know Android
  • Using Android Apps
  • Change Android Settings
  • Protect Your Android Device
  • Get Help with Android

Click here to visit the website

Variations and inconsistencies

  • Many Different Manufactures and Models
  • Different Versions of Android

There are so many different makes and models of Android phones. We need to be aware of these variations. Why? If we are looking up self help information we need to know not everything will look the same or behave the same on our device as it does on someone else’s.

Take the menu icon for example. This can be displayed in all these different variations:

Here is a handy link to view a number of different icons used on Android Devices and what each icon means? You will find most other icons are standardised, the only real exception is the menu icon as shown above.

Click here, to visit the site, this will open a new tab

Visit a website and bookmark it

Click here to view Google’s help page for bookmarking a website.

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