U3A Android Fundamentals Course, Lesson 5, Lock Screen and Smart Lock

This is the resource page for lesson 5, week 5, Lock Screen and Smart Lock to protect your Android Device.

Lock Screen

The lock screen is the first screen you see when you wake up your device and before you swipe to gain access. If someone else can access your device they may be able to gain access to sensitive and private information on yourself and anyone else’s information you have on your device.

When your phone is locked it can be annoying having to unlock it each time you want to use it, but it’s one of those things you will be glad you did if your phone is lost or stolen.

Some phones come with a finger print scanner which make it easy to access your phone and keep it locked when you are not using it. You will typically pay more for these types of phones, however, if you use your phone a lot it can be worth the expense.

Lock Screen Slides (7 slides)

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Resource Links for using your setting up and using your lock screen

Smart Lock

There are a number of options for setting up smart lock. I’ve covered two in this post and slide show. Both options require you to setup a pin number of at least four numbers, but it’s better with six.

One is based on movement, so if it’s in the car with you, or on you as you are walking you won’t have to enter the pin number. The other is based on your location, at home for example. So as long as you are at home you won’t have to enter your pin number to get into your device but this did not work well for me. In fact, I don’t think it’s worked once but your experience may be different. Anyway, on with the slide show.

Smart Lock Slides (10 slides)

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Resource Links for Smart Lock

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